Our Story

Our Beginning

Volleyball people with a goal to make the volleyball world a better place with better events. We are constantly striving to take things to the next level in terms of our events. The concept for the Relentless tour began in the fall of 2013 in Carlsbad, CA. After starting our winter tournament series, beach volleyball was exploding into the college scene.

As the AVCA, and now NCAA, worked to create a system of competition for the colleges, more and more schools began to look for players who strictly played beach volleyball or were skilled at both beach and indoor volleyball.

Now with the Juniors Showcases and Adult events and Partnering with the AVP and VolleyAmerica, we are expanding the beach volleyball world into a Juniors and Adult Tournaments and College Recruiting Events.

Our Expansion

Recognizing the difficulty players had expressing interest to coaches, and the difficulty of being a beach coach with minimal knowledge of where to find players, we created the Beach Volleyball recruitment showcase series. To date we have had over 200  players get recruited to beach programs all across the country from our events.

Our latest venture, the Relentless Beach Volleyball Tour and Series, was created to create a structure, and help to legitimize beach volleyball clubs. The tournaments are set up to encourage players to participate at a local beach volleyball club. The tournaments feature most of the toughest junior beach volleyball players in Southern California.